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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I used to think raisin was spelt raison. But, I learned a valuable thing this evening. It ends in sin. I should be able to remember it from here on out.

GP made Oatmeal Raisin Cookies this evening.
I believe he's planning to continue making 'stuff'.

So, I am sure I will have to post updates as it progresses.

More later.

bad in age
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Surely ma petite, raison is French. As in raison d'etre meaning "reason to be".

See? You're all cosmopolitan.
hey Gal...Happy Thanksgiving.
I sent you an email, also, a small note on my Thanksgiving post for my Lj.
I am still waiting to see what else GP made for the feast? I am positive it was tasty!
You said you would post updates and if you did, I can't see them?
Hope your day was so pleasant.

He made banana bread, oatmeal raisin cookies, dinner rolls, Tennessee butter rum cake...

He'd probably have made more. But, I drug him outside at midnight until two AM to walk in the snow.

So, anyway.

As usual, I impeded his productivity.
oh, and the picture of trees is from the walk.
cool, huh?

I'm easily amused as usual.
I seriously doubt you impeded him.
Your beauty probably inspired him and that is why he made so much sweet all at once! *sage nod*
Did you have turkey or ham, potato salad or mashed taters, tossed salad or congealed salad.
Sweet yam casserole or baked yams with butter and cinnamon?
Mashed Potatoes
Mac and Cheese
Cole Slaw
Pumpkin Pie
umm. There was more. But, I can't remember everything. I ran out of steam early on the food department. Haven't been as hungry lately.

GP didn't cook though. Some other local folks invited us to dinner.

It was a very pleasant afternoon.
I hope you had a wonderful day as well with family and friends.

gravey, german potato salad, stuffing, pinto beans.
no she doesnt impede at all unlike how she thinks she does however she gives me the drive to do things each day and not in a bdsm way just in a relationship way because above all she is the best partner and friend a person could ever want.
very sweet to say.

Not remotely true. But, very sweet to say.
And, it's also sweet that you think that way.

Thank You.
oh, oatmeal raiSIN are the most sinful of all cookies. they create great urges to just empty the cookie jar into my pocket and run away, hide, and eat them all up!

so, yeah, SIN is it, alright.

i cooked a 12lb turkey and an 11x9 pan of dressing. tom made baked potatoes, green peas, and carrot-raisin salad. spousal-unit provided gingerbread cookies and breyer's all natural vanilla ice cream. we feasted and so did the family critters! (turkey carcass for the outside cats, broken into lots of bits/pieces so the baby cats had a fair shake; all the skin and fat and jellied bits for the indoor babies. even Smokey bird got a treat: nut stick!)