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Colour me Ganking this meme -

LJ Interests meme results

  1. beaches at night:
    Walking barefoot along the edge of the water, feeling the warm water bump against my toes with the tide pull is just plain relaxing, and sultry.
  2. candles:
    Whether it's for ambiance or finger painting on humans... Candles are a wonderful thing.
  3. daggers:
    There are so many uses (and abuses) one can commit with the right dagger.
  4. geisha:
    Grace, intelligence, beauty..
    K Thanks, that's all.
  5. knife play:
    Knife play is so much fun. Whether you are doing it for the sensation, the fear, or the amusement of scaring the cripes out of someone else! There are so many knives and so much fun a person can enjoy.
  6. medical scenes:
    Sounds, speculums, and needles OH MY!
  7. power dynamics:
    How much give and take is there, really?
  8. sca:
    This is just a fun fun thing to do and research.
  9. sports:
    ok, by sports I meant THE PITTSBURGH STEELERS !!!!! Kicking butt and taking names.
  10. victorian teas:
    Corsets, tea, lacing and unlacing, fans, etiquette, social intercourse with a room full of people.

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