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Family ties that are not bound

So, I can't sleep.

I read the local paper online.
And, I found that my son's great grandfather passed away.

He is not familiar or close to the family. Mostly by their choosing. He wishes to see them and get to know them however.

Should I offer him the option to attend the service?

or as an alternative...

Should I attend the service and offer the family our condolances and a way to reach him should they wish to do so.

or lastly...

Do nothing in person, send a card with contact information.

I am simply randomly thinking about it.

It seems rude to be in the area and not at least send reguards for their loss. Especially since my son is the only male grandchild they have. (The only grandchild period I believe.)
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I think a card with the information is probably the best at a time of bereavement. That way the family can act in their own time.
ditto what marmot said
I Should attend the service and offer the family our condolances.
Plus, they always these days, have a place to put a card, so I would have one fixed with my information on it, so if they choose to, they may reach out to you afterward.

A letter of condolence with contact information and letting them(I assume "them" is accurate.)know that D wants to get to know the rest of the family better would be my suggestion. Maybe have him sign and send a card as well?
I spoke to wee one about it.

We opted for :
Sending a card of sympathy, with an enclosed card/note from him.

He wanted to write his last night. He cried the whole time. That made me so sad for him. I filled mine out this morning and kept it very short and to the point.

I did stop by the home early when very few people were there and sign my name to the guest book. Actually mine and the wee one's name.

Came back home immediately.
Now, the ball is in their court.

I just didn't want to infringe on their time of sorrow by imposing us on them. However, I also didn't want to 'not' acknowledge them at all when I know that the wee one would like contact and feels excluded.

Given my own family history. I think any option is wrong in this situation. But, I think I chose the best possible combination.

Thanks for the opinions and suggestions.

I applaud you for stopping by briefly and giving the wee one a chance to make up his own mind about it. I am sorry he was upset with it all. I believe you made a wise choice!

You are a strong woman and it makes all the difference in a child's life.

I hope they take this opportunity to meet and get to know him, he is one terrific child.

Blessings to you and your house!