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Shooting -

There was a shooting today in an Amish school house less than two hours away from where I live.

A 32 year old milk truck driver went into an Amish one room school house. He had two weapons and a bunch of tie offs with him to bind the feet of the kids. He let the boys and a pregnant lady leave, while keeping the girls as prisoners. The girls were aged six to twelve. At least six have died, and more are in the Lancaster General Hospital in critical condition.

The gent called his wife after barracading himself in the school house on his cell phone. He told her he was acting in revenge on an incident that happened over twenty years ago to him.

This made me cry. I know there is so many awful things in the world. But, this just seems to me to be the worst type of this kind of crime. So a guy is mad obviously at little girls for some unknown reason that happened when he himself was just a child. After twenty years of thinking on it and stewing, he finally snapped and goes in a school house of the most peaceful type people there are around, and kills a bunch of the little ones.

They didn't do it. These particular kids aren't the ones at fault for whatever happened to this guy. These girls weren't at the root of the evil in the world of milk truck drivers. There is no secret Amish plot to take over the milking industry. (well, there might be after all - but the Amish just don't have the manpower to pull it off.) We're talking about a group of people that are dying out like the all the natives in so many places these days. They lose numbers every year and are soon going to be just another story we tell our kids of the way things used to be run.

But, because of this act on some crazy milk guy's part... all our schools are going to be even more closely watched 'for our protection'. Including those that are homeschools, and little one room school houses in western PA that don't bother no one. It seems everything the government steps in and does to 'protect' us from crime - whether from abroad or some crazy at home... All it does it put us more in danger.

There was no way to know this guy would flip. Not unless his wife knew he was losing (or had lost long ago) his marbles. There are just those kind of people. Some people you never have an inkling they are going to go. There are those you suspect long before they lose their last marble that they are going to one day take out a bunch of people around them when they go. And, then there are those that you know from day one there is just something 'not quite right' with them.

We should all be able to protect ourselves just as best as we can for these situations. It is our job. Not the job of our government. Someone could just as easily walk into the wee one's school and decide to kill a bunch of boys who are blonde and blue eyed. All I can hope is that I give him enough knowledge to do whatever he can do to get out of it alive and with all his marbles at least in their general place.

This is why there is no god. Just the miserable sons of marble-less bitches that we are stuck living with every day.

Somehow I doubt highly the Amish will reply to this incident with a fear and hatred of the national milkman association. And, it would be completely in their rights to do so. No, I imagine they will continue just being the kind of peaceful regular people they always have been.

If I were the pilgramage type, I would go see these folks in this area.
It's not a thing that matters in my day to day life at all.
Just seems to me to symbolize the very thing that is wrong in our world today.
I won't ever forget this, and I am sure it will always make me cry when I think of it.
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